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Appraisal Institute Education Programs

Appraisal Institute Education Programs

Classroom Education Courses and Seminars

View offerings by selecting each topic.

   Basic Appraisal Classes

Set the stage for success!
  • Basic Appraisal Principles
  • Basic Appraisal Procedures

   Green Education

Keep your staff up to date!
  • Introduction to Green Buildings: Principles and Concepts
  • Case Studies in Appraising Green Commercial Buildings
  • Case Studies in Appraising Green Residential Buildings
  • Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar

   Review Appraisal Courses

Learn this comprehensive, engaging and timely topic!
  • Review Theory—General
  • Review Case Studies—General
  • Review Theory—Residential
  • Review Case Studies—Residential (Coming Soon!)

   Litigation Courses

An excellent foundation for diverse assignments!
  • Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics and Applications
  • Condemnation Appraising: Principles and Applications
  • The Appraiser as an Expert Witness: Preparation and Testimony

   Additional Specialized Courses

In addition to the below, Appraisal Institute offers General (Commercial) and Residential specific appraiser education. Contact us to discuss appraiser education that may fit your needs.
  • Fundamentals of Separating Real, Personal Property, and Intangible Business Assets
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Real Estate Finance, Statistics, and Valuation Modeling
  • Valuation of Conservation Easements

View offerings by selecting each topic.

   First Seminar Heading

First Seminar Byline
  • FHA Appraising for Valuation Professionals
  • Marketability Studies: The Six-Step Process and Basic Applications
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Fannie Mae Appraisal Guidelines

   Appraisal Institute Education for Bankers

Second Seminar Byline
  • Commercial Real Estate Training: Appraisal Engagement, Appraisal Review and Evaluation

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