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Demonstration of Knowledge - SRA Path

Residential Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement

The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: Residential will help you get acquainted with the Residential Demonstration of Knowledge requirement options and will assist you in selecting the right one for you.

Five Options Available!

45-Hour Residential Demonstration Appraisal Report Option Course Package

Please Note: To fulfill the demonstration of knowledge requirement, the following two courses must be taken as a package over a span of consecutive days at the same location.

Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies/Part 1 (this is also a required course and exam for the SRA Designation path)

Advanced Residential Report Writing/Part 2

Traditional Residential Demo

Participants may submit a complete appraisal in the self-contained format with all three approaches to value applied to one subject property. The property must be considered obsolete and in a physically unfixable state of deterioration. For more information, please visit the Traditional Residential Demo Guide and fill out the Application if this is the option for you.

Peer Reviewed Publications Option

A Candidate may satisfy the Demonstration of Knowledge requirement by receiving credit for at least two (2) peer reviewed publications based on original research (in a field related to real property economics) approved by the ADQC or its designee.

Thesis Option

Participants will receive credit for a Master’s thesis or a Doctoral dissertation once submitted and approved by the Admissions Committee.

Defense of Reports Option

Participants will receive credit after successfully interviewing and defending 3-5 reports. Please contact for more information.

Demo Resources

Residential Demo Grader Contact List

If you have technical questions regarding your demo, please feel free to contact the demo graders on this contact list.

AI Communities of Practice

Login and visit the residential Candidate for Designation community for guidance.

Residential Demonstation of Knowledge Requirement Guidebook: Residential

The purpose of preparing a demonstration appraisal report is to test the Candidate’s ability to gather the necessary data, analyze the data properly, and write an appraisal report setting forth the analysis and conclusions, which will lead the reader to the same conclusion as the author of the report.

Residential Demonstration Report Grading Sheets

These grading sheets document how different components of the residential demo report are weighted.


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