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Demonstration of Knowledge - MAI Path

The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General

Get acquainted with the General Demonstration of Knowledge requirement options and will assist you in selecting the right one for you.

Seven Options Available!

Capstone Program Option


A pre-class writing assignment is a required component of The General Demonstration Report—Capstone Program as written under the section Fundamental Market Analysis Submission in The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General. To be eligible for review, the submission must include, at minimum, all sections of the report through the Fundamental Market Analysis (FMA). The FMA assignment must be completed and submitted at least one week before the second webinar. If a Candidate does not submit the assignment by the deadline, or the submitted assignment fails to meet the minimum requirements, AI will terminate the Candidate’s non-refundable enrollment in the Capstone program offering. Furthermore, the final draft of the demonstration appraisal report must meet certain requirements that make it eligible for grading as written under the section Capstone Report Submission Requirements in The Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General.

Traditional General Demo Option (online application)

This option requires Candidates to select one subject property and write an appraisal report setting forth the analysis and conclusions, which will lead the reader to concur with the opinion of value. Before submitting your demonstration appraisal report, please read the pertinent Appraisal Institute Regulation governing the preparation and submission of the report and the Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: General.

The reports will become the property of the Appraisal Institute and will not be returned to you. The date of valuation of your demonstration appraisal report can be no more than five (5) calendar years prior to the year of submission to the Appraisal Institute. Please choose one of the submission options below. Note. When your application is approved you will be sent a link to upload your report.

E-Demo Option (online application)

Candidates who select this option will be paired with an E-Demo Advisor(s) who will review each section of the report and provide feedback via a dedicated online community.

Research Project Option (online application)

Original research that expands the overall body of knowledge of the appraisal profession.

The proposed Research Project is to be of sufficient scope and complexity to demonstrate that the Candidate has a thorough understanding of the principles, theories, techniques, and applications of real estate economics.

Candidates should review the research project's submission guidelines in the Official Guide to the Demonstration of Knowledge Requirement: GeneralCandidates should also make sure they meet the requirements. Sample Project Outline and Sample Project Topics.

Peer Reviewed Publications Option (online application)

Candidates may satisfy the Demonstration of Knowledge requirement by receiving credit for at least three (3) peer reviewed publications based on original research (in a field related to real property economics) approved by the ADQC or its designee.

Thesis Option (online application)

Candidates will receive credit for a Master’s thesis or a Doctoral dissertation once submitted and approved by the Admissions Committee.

Defense of Reports Option (online application)

This option includes an in-depth oral defense of reports interview. It may not be the perfect option for all Candidates. Candidates should be comfortable presenting an oral defense of reports which could be similar to defending a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Candidates will receive credit after successfully interviewing and defending three to five reports.

Before submitting your application, please read The Official Guide to General Demonstration Appraisal Reporting: General, as it should be the primary reference for choosing reports and preparing for the interview with the committee.

The reports considered for this option combined with the oral testimony must demonstrate the same level of knowledge, understanding, and application of appraisal principles and practices required in the traditional demonstration report. Jointly, the reports and the oral presentation will be considered for the award of credit.

Demo Resources

General Demo Seminar (Classroom or Online)

Before starting your general Demonstration of Knowledge requirement, we highly recommend that you take the General Demonstration of Knowledge 7-hour seminar. This seminar is available online or in the classroom. This seminar is also required to complete the Capstone and E-Demo options above.

General Demo Grader Contact List

If you have technical questions regarding your demo, please feel free to contact the demo graders on this contact list.

AI Communities of Practice

Login and visit the Candidate for Designation community for guidance.

General Demonstration Report Grading Sheets

These grading sheets indicate the areas that are graded in options for the Demonstration of Knowledge requirement.



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