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Broadcast E-Mail Policy

Chapter Broadcast Email Policies and Procedures

For 2018, AI chapter broadcast emails will once again be free for chapters. The emails will be sent strategically — based on time, date and location — resulting in more effective Appraisal Institute messaging to our members and associates.

Since there are more than 80 AI chapters, it is crucial that recipients do not receive too many emails from AI. To increase email opens and email click rates and hopefully boost AI education attendance, the Appraisal Institute manages the amount of emails that recipients receive. This increases the chances that recipients will view AI’s message as a priority.

Each AI chapter will have the opportunity to send up to four broadcast emails promoting its educational offerings each quarter:

  • Allotted emails may not be carried over to ensuing quarters;
  • Additional emails may not be purchased;
  • Each email must be sent at least two weeks apart;
  • Chapters may email individuals in up to four states with each email;
  • Access to appraisers and non-appraisers in additional states may not be purchased;
  • No more than one chapter may send to individuals in a given state on the same day;

By targeting no more than four states per email, chapters will directly reach prospective attendees closest to the education location. When the same targeted attendee receives emails from multiple chapters, on the same day or several times a week, they may become numb to emails from the Appraisal Institute. Decreasing the amount of emails that AI professionals receive will increase the overall urgency of an AI message appearing in any given inbox.

Other Broadcast Email Policies

  • No broadcasts will be sent for competitors unless it is a co-sponsored event. We also only send broadcasts for AI business. We do not send emails for individual purposes.
  • The marketing department reserves the right to refuse this service for events or programs deemed to be competitive or not in keeping with the mission and objectives of the organization, or if insufficient notice is provided.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Requesting Emails

  1. Send all requests to
    Note that offerings MUST be posted to OLRS in order for request to be completed.
  2. Please include the following information in your broadcast email request:
    • Title of program
    • Date
    • Location
  3. Mailing List - please define your target audiences:
    • Designated members
    • Candidates 
    • Practicing Affiliates
    • Affiliates
    • Nonmembers
  4. Provide the 4 states you would like to target.
  5. Date and time of day you would like to send the email.
    • You are allowed four sends each quarter.
    • After a request is made to Marketing, please allow 2-4 business days for a reply and/or test copy.
    • Each email must be sent at least two weeks apart.

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