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AI Volunteer Opportunities

Service Opportunities

Leadership Resource Registry

Indicate your areas of interest and expertise in the Appraisal Institute Leadership Resource Registry, and volunteer to serve at the Regional or Chapter level by clicking on the link below.


AI Candidate Advisor Program!

Become an AI Candidate Advisor! The Appraisal Institute is seeking Designated members to serve as AI Advisors for Candidates for Designation. To become an Advisor, you need merely take a short (less than one hour) online orientation. You can choose how many Candidates you'd like to advise. Each Candidate will require a minimum of just four phone calls, emails or visits per year.

By encouraging AI Candidates for Designation and monitoring their progress as needed -- encouraging Candidates to manage their own learning and guiding them to appropriate resources -- you will help secure the future of the Appraisal Institute and will help elevate the professionalism of other appraisers.

You could earn up to 125 points of AI CE credit!


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